Agnieszka …” you are the space invader !”

normaga is a chicago based design studio with a focus on developing products that are functional and environmentally friendly while keeping with an aesthetic that is pleasing to our market. The concept is driven by the uniqueness of the chosen material (Tyvek by Dupont). Fulfilling a need for unpredictable weather pattern in urban areas of the world, normaga provides commuters, bikers and outdoors wo/man with a
lightweight, easy to carry shield-like solutions.

normaga is formed of two components; (norm: norman teague) a chicago native african american is the product development professional with a strong focus in styiling, product to fit and function for the end user and educating them. (Aga: agnieszka kulon) of polish origin is the fashion designer, rule breaker with style that blends good design with traditional and non traditional materials. United, we want to explore the ideas around smart wears, that work with the environment while attempting to make timeless gear that assist the lifestyles of those that interact with it.

“DOTS were perfect fit for Kreatia. Very contemporary, highly technological design was inspired by vibrant colors and shape of the candies. The fabric was created by cutting, pasting and sewing pieces of packaging onto the cotton. What a combination : the square shape of the candy box and beauty of female body.”
I made this dress late 2008, was invited by AIBI and Tootsie to participate in the event fundraiser for Spina Bifida Association “Sweet Chic” at the MCA.

video : Edyta Stepien for
music : fragment of “you are the space invader” by prinzhorn dance school
dress : Agnieszka Kulon for
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