An iPad Jazz Band (short version)

Many of Adam Goldberg’s students have great difficulty speaking. But that doesn’t mean they have nothing to say, or to express or to feel. It also doesn’t mean they are not eloquent. Adam has given his students a way to communicate their emotions through an innovative iPad band. By pairing carefully chosen music apps, and designing custom midi pads, Adam has enabled his students not only to play well in an ensemble, but to tackle jazz improvisation. They might explore a theme by a jazz great, like Chick Corea’s “Space Circus” and try to recreate it with their own musical nuances. Or they might improvise around an original theme, as they did with the composition 4-2-4 Jam. Adam’s approach helps the students use the gifts they do have rather than battle the barriers thrown up by their constraints.

By using a portable touchscreen technology Adam was able to customize each musical interaction for each student’s abilities. The result? A real immersion in the musical experience has become accessible to students formerly left on the artistic sidelines.

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