Another View of Life – Tonker Toys Touch Nature

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass … its about learning how to dance in the rain.”
“You will never find your’self’, if you keep looking outside of it”
“It is not what happens to us in Life, it is what we choose to do with the experience.”
Nature is our greatest ally.

This film is merely a visual diary created as a tasking project in the healing of a severe brain injury. Also to share with close friends around the world who have been through some of this with me by phone, yet, have not seen the imagery that went with the stories. So, this is to them. Thank you very much.

It was just after this experience with the construction that I had “The Fall”, which, I consider to be one of the greatest gifts life could have offered. Even through its pains.

When they put the metal fence up, it felt like a prison and took a while getting used to. I cried at first, asking them to at least leave a space so I won’t feel so closed in. For safety purposes it had to stay. They were concerned Pammy would fall over the edge *giggling*

One girl, one wee lass and her personal journey in sharing. So much more to know and whilst I like to keep things simple, I do know this, “Peace has no enemy and Love knows nothing else.” We are never, ever alone. Ride the Crest of the Wave towards a higher understanding of your’self’, drop the baggage, remove the trash, clean house, let go and do what you never thought possible! Make it happen because you CAN.

It is in three Parts on YouTube as well:
Part I:
Part II:
Part III:
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