International Space Station C4D test

Music: London Calling, Michael Giacchino

This was just a little exercise in space animation (astromation?) which is something I’d like to do a lot more of. I downloaded the excellent ISS model from NASA’s site for this test. For the Earth and moon I used high res maps from NASA’s Blue Marble site.

The cloud map was composed of two separate 21K maps, which needed to be stitched and cleaned up. The cloud file was too large to save at 42K x 21K so I reduced it down a bit, while still retaining detail. Its the cloud maps that seem to break up the most when rendering closeup, orbit shots of the Earth, so the high res maps were important. Fort eh atmospheric glow and shading on the Earth model, I used Michael Welter’s great free plugin shader Atmosphere.

Theres a bit of flicker on one of the solar panels–looks like I might have some overlapping geometry there. Good enough for a test.

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