Mad Train

(This a 4 minutes version – for full track please watch

This video takes you on a high-speed train taking a large tour across various scandinavian landscapes (Denmark, Sweden and Norway), view from the cockpit.

Composer Sam Dudley just made a new music for this video, you can watch the result here

Editing this video was just like building my own model train railway, as I used to when I was a child :)

Video courtesy of:
Jan Kivisaar
Train Driver’s View- Malmö C – Lund C
Train Driver’s View- Malmö to Helsingør part 1 and 2

A 7 hours long documentary Bergensbanen available under CC

“Bergensbanen” – NRK Norwegian State Broadcaster

You can download and use this video as you like (please, just mention me)
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The music comes from this URL
which points to where you can find the entire album
Surgeon / Svreca : Skirt – Untitled. SEMANTICA 50
by Various

Train is speed up to about 400% of the normal speed
Simple mirror creates a space-time tunnel effect and allows to focus on the one-point perspective of this hypnotic train

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