Red Dirt at the Firehouse

We helped build this arts district. Please help us build a permanent home here.

What is Red Dirt?

Red Dirt is a warehouse studio for 15 individual practicing artists, from “fresh out of school” to nationally known. We share resources, offer critical feedback and push each other toward greater professionalism in our work. It’s a space for projects, ideas and community exchange. There’s an incredible variety of style, approach and media with a shared commitment to serious work. We encourage our artists to partner with local businesses and organizations, to find ways that artists can help the community and the community can help artists.

So why should you give us money?

For 18 years, Red Dirt has existed in a rented warehouse in Mt. Rainier, MD. We’ve expanded from one warehouse bay to two. We’ve grown from 3 resident artists to 15, and we’ve had over 150 different artists work here over the years. We have contributed to the creation of the Gateway Arts District in our neighborhood, which is an active and vibrant scene.

But, we all know that artists can get priced out of neighborhoods they helped revitalize. Red Dirt is lucky to have found a building to buy. It’s the old Mt. Rainier Volunteer Fire Station. We love the history of the building, and we love that it is twice as large as our current space…allowing so much potential to bring in new artists and expand the capacity of those already here.

And we love that buying this building secures us a permanent home in our community.

We need your help with the next step.

Red Dirt is asking for your help to renovate the firehouse and make it a great working space for our artists. We need windows and doors. We need some heaters. We need new bathrooms. We need about 50 new electrical outlets.

We are offering naming opportunities for all these things… For $100, you can put your name on an electrical outlet and power up some tools for the artist of your choice. For $500 you can put your name on a window or skylight and let in some beautiful natural light. For as little as $50 you can substantially contribute toward artists having heat this winter.

Check out the gallery page for pictures of our fun donor gifts…Mt. Rainier Volunteer Art Department t-shirts and pint glasses… and of course, stainless steel Red Dirt mud flaps.

We love being part of our community. We are honored by and grateful for your support in creating our new home.

THANK YOU, and please share this campaign!
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