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space-gifts-shopsSpace is a place where the concept of infinity exists. The more one tries to find it the more one finds itself wanting more. This is exactly the theme along which Quantum Hyper Space came into being.


Just like space, the products related to it were of infinite nature as well. But the only problem was that they were so dispersed and wide spread, that getting hold of favorites was a disaster. There was always a lot of time taken to browse through websites and visit stores and if by any chance one got pass through that stage, there was a delivery problem.


For an astronomer and space enthusiast like me, this is a huge drawback and bummer. This is why, I created Quantum HyperSpace so a single space was dedicated for space products to end the ordeal of going through a mountain when shopping.


This idea came because of two reasons, one which as mentioned above was because of the trouble of finding space products in one place and the other was whilst searching for an antique model for a shape shuttle on EBay and not finding it. The idea popped in that why can’t there be an EBay for just products like these? A website and online experience for fans like me who are always wanting more and more of such products. This is when Quantum HyperSpace came into being and at your service.


Be assured that we only provide high quality products and are adding more variety to our website always. There is no repetitiveness with a business that deals with infinity!


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