Space Gifts That Are Out Of This World

There is nobody too young or too old to be interested in the beauties and mysteries of space. Men and women, adults and children, geeks and non-geeks alike – the impact of popular science fiction tv series and movies are for sure some of the things that will never fade, both literally and figuratively.

It’s highly likely that all of us know at least one person, that one friend, who is an extreme fanatic of space. Whether it’s Star Trek, Star Wars, or Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s something out there for everyone.

For Friends, Family, Colleagues, and Co-Geeks

It’s never a bad time to give gifts to those important people in your life. You don’t have to wait until Christmas season or birthdays to give a gift. If you happen to be walking down the street and see a beautiful galaxy-printed scarf, why not buy it for your younger sister who’s always sitting behind her telescope? If you see a vintage Star Wars poster on eBay while browsing for random items being auctioned, who’s to stop you from buying it for your Dad to complement his mini figurine collection?

There are so many space toys or space-related gifts out there to cater to various crowds and really, the possibilities are as countless as the stars. Just a few of the most interesting ones are listed below (with a brief description).

Space Toys and Gifts For The House

Astronaut oven mitts: Because they look like the gloves that astronauts wear while in outer space, you’ll really feel like you’re up there with them. Not to mention it’ll make cooking and baking so much more fun.
R2-D2 measuring cups: Speaking of making baking fun, get the kids (and R2-D2) to help by letting them use these Star Wars themed measuring cups.
Star Trek USS Enterprise pizza cutter: The USS Enterprise can now be used to cut your pizza for you. What’s not to like about that?
A space calendar (Year In Space): There are many different varieties of calendars. They can be mounted on the wall or just be sitting on your desk. Either way, the best part about it is seeing what space picture you get to see each month.
• Coffee table books and DVDs: For both your guests’ and your own reading pleasure. There are many books that feature stunning photography (“You Are Here : Around the World in 92 Minutes” by Chris Hadfield), as well as actual novels (“Cosmos SpaceTime”) by Neil-Degrasse-Tyson, also adapted into films) and informative books (“Space Atlas” by National Geographic).

For Spaced-Out Moms, Sisters, and Aunts

• Galaxy-printed scarves, shoes, leggings, and shirts: You can never go wrong with fashion. They’re not only beautifully printed but also enticing to look at and bring about an air of mystery.
Solar system necklace (chain of being): It starts with the sun and has all the nine (yes, Pluto is still included there) planets spaced out around in, in proportion to their real distance from the sun. The planets look pretty realistic, even those with rings around them.
Meteorite ring made of meteorite and dinosaur bone: The meteorite (Gibeon) exploded over Africa thousands of years ago and its cellular structure has been replaced by quartz. It’s a real meteorite though – and real dinosaur bone.

For Cosmic Dads, Brothers, and Uncles

• Mini-figurines: They could be random astronauts or characters from their favorite movie. Action figures will never go out of style. Boys and their toys, you know.
• Star Trek Delta Shield cufflinks: For the young-at-heart fanatic who wants to bring a geeky edge to the formal attire, you can never go wrong with these.

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