Space Toys & Gifts For Hardcore Enthusiasts

For the aspiring astronauts who will stop at nothing (not even really high prices) to collect all the space memorabilia they can. Unsurprisingly, there are many avenues to start and build on a collection of space-related memorabilia.

There’s no doubt that they won’t come cheap, but to a true enthusiast, it’ll definitely be worth every penny spent.

Cosmic Collectables

Collections can range from the most trivial of novelties such as key chains, tote bags, magnets, pens, mugs, utensils, shot glasses, and photo frames. In fact, a collection can span all of these things!

However, for the more serious collectors, the options get more, well, serious. There are collectible pins and embroidered patches with the names of the different NASA missions that have occurred over the year.

There are also models of the different space shuttles used, from the Delta IV Medium Rocket to the Atlantis Pewter Model – those with the knowledge and interest in the different makes and models will definitely be over the moon about these.

To kick it up a notch, collections of meteorite fragments are also available. They’re not cheap, but they’re very, very cool.

Galactic Gifts for Kids

As early as 7 years old, some kids will start to form areas of interest. Of course, if a kid grew up in a household surrounded by the items listed above, then he or she is likely to have an inclination towards the space genre. If that’s the case, then great! There are so many resources available out there to encourage and support a child’s love for space.

The following list will divide just some of the space gifts suitable for children. The first list is for their rooms and everyday routines, and the second is for something a lot more fun – space toys.

Dark Matter for Your Bedroom

Galaxy paintings: A big enough painting to really give them the illusion that they’re floating through space. It’s not sensationally colored, but the stars jump out so realistically that it’s hard to come back down to Earth.
Glow-in-the-dark pillowcases: You can choose from repeated prints of the moon in both purple or blue, or the constellations. Dream of the galaxy as soon as you switch the lights off.
Laser projector Cosmos light: This lamp, unlike the small, moon-shaped nightlights will throw stars and light across the entire room, almost like you’ve brought the universe home and locked it up in there.

Space Toys To Play With

A rocket fort: You can try to make these with your own blankets, but investing in a space shuttle fort will definitely foster their imaginative skills. You’ll probably have some fun as well.
A starfinder, or mini telescope: It doesn’t have to be a big one, but it should be good enough to help them spot the stars their naked eyes can’t see.
• Spaceships and figurines: These aren’t just for Dad; they’re for the kids too. Let them take their spaceships into their rocket fort, and it’ll do wonders for their imagination and love for space.
• Buzz Lightyear: He’s a staple that started with the last generation and should continue to the next,

…and the next, and the next.

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