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SpaceX is one of the top space companies, which is famous all over the world for space transportation services and its desire to help colonize Mars.

As such, one would expect that the company’s products are only available to the big corporations and wealthy individuals who can pay exorbitant prices for a trip to space.

However, SpaceX also offers a wide range of products, specifically designed for space fans and enthusiasts, that you can buy for yourself or as a gift for another person.

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Below is a look at some of the website features uncovered by space marketing consultant Martin Wilson, as well as a bunch of SpaceX products which can be found on SpaceX online shop.

Men’s clothes

One of the top products sold in the SpaceX online shop is clothes for men, which includes

a) T-shirts that feature with SpaceX logo, SpaceX mission patches, images of SpaceX F9 and Dragon rockets, and other SpaceX or space-themed T-shirts. These are perfect for personal use, or as a gift to another space and SpaceX fan.

b) Shirts – the SpaceX online shop also features men’s polo shirts for space enthusiasts who are not fans of T-shirts. The shirts come with a SpaceX logo, an F9 rocket logo, or the SpaceX Dragon capsule logo.

c) Activewear – if you are both a space enthusiast and a sports or outdoor activities fan, then SpaceX has got you covered. The online shop for the company features SpaceX-branded Activewear for men, which can be used for cycling as well as other activities.

Women’s clothes

The SpaceX online shop also has a category for women, where you can find cool clothes that are tailored for women who are space enthusiasts. These include:

a) SpaceX-branded T-shirts featuring SpaceX logos, SpaceX mission patches, SpaceX F9 rockets and Dragon Capsule images, SpaceX payload launches, SpaceX rockets during flight, and other images/logos/graphics.

b) SpaceX-branded women polo shirts

c) SpaceX-branded women’s Activewear for women who are outdoor activities and enthusiasts

d) SpaceX-branded jackets and hoodies for the cold season

Kids clothes

If you have kids who are space fans, SpaceX online shop is the perfect place to buy them various gifts. The shop offers cool SpaceX T-shirts that are branded with SpaceX logos, mission patches, rockets during launch, in flight, and when landing, as well as other space-related graphics and images. The SpaceX online shop also sells hoodies and jackets for kids, which will help them keep warm, and at the same time, make them look cool.


In addition to clothing, the SpaceX online shop also sells accessories that are perfect as gifts, or for your own personal use. These include:

a) SpaceX branded baseball caps (unisex) featuring SpaceX logos, F9 and Dragon Capsule logos, and other SpaceX graphics. You can also find Mars baseball caps with the word “OCCUPY MARS” printed on them.

b) SpaceX beanies for

c) SpaceX earphones

d) SpaceX luggage tags

e) SpaceX journals and pens

f) SpaceX water bottles

g) SpaceX mission patches for various space missions conducted by the company

h) SpaceX flag, rugs, mugs, posters and other cool SpaceX-branded products


For space enthusiasts, finding quality but affordable products you can purchase either for yourself or as a gift for another person is not easy. However, at the SpaceX online shop, you can find lots of cool space-branded stuff at a very affordable price.

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