The High Bar w/ Warren Etheredge & Duncan Jones

If I could travel back in time, I would urge more folks to see MOON, Duncan Jones‘ debut, hard sci-fi feature that melded the cinematic sensibilities of Peter Hyams and Tarkovsky. MOON is far superior and thoughtful entertainment to movies made with twenty times the budget. Today, I needn’t bend the space-time continuum as Duncan’s second movie, SOURCE CODE plays in theaters and you can see it on the big screen without altering the course of history… Other than the director’s own.

Duncan Jones bellies up to The High Bar to discuss SOURCE CODE, second chances and the very nature of… existence.

For more conversation with Duncan Jones (talking about his first feature, MOON), click here:

Produced by Warren Etheredge and Owen Kindig, Directed by Owen Kindig, shot by Greg Westhoff, Owen Kindig, Patrick Lloyd with help from Jesse Newman and Nancy Dragun.

Editing by Beth and Owen Kindig

Shot at The Chapel Bar in Seattle. Thanks to Patrick Cyr.

Special thanks to Leah Bledsoe of Allied Integrated Marketing

Special thanks to these businesses who provided gifts for the guests and crew:

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