Tunnels – Take That Hypnotic Train

(This is the full track version, for the short one please watch https://vimeo.com/69354910)
This video takes you on a high-speed train taking a large tour across various scandinavian landscapes (Denmark, Sweden and Norway), view from the cockpit.
Editing this video was just like building my own model train railway, as I used to when I was a child :)

Video courtesy of:
Jan Kivisaar https://vimeo.com/swedishkiwi
Train Driver’s View- Malmö C – Lund C
Train Driver’s View- Malmö to Helsingør part 1 and 2

A 7 hours long documentary Bergensbanen available under CC
“Bergensbanen” – NRK Norwegian State Broadcaster

Thanks to vimeo user https://vimeo.com/marcfauvet for this post:
It really made me look at my own video with different ‘now’ eyes

The music comes from this URL
which points to where you can find the entire album
Surgeon / Svreca : Skirt – Untitled. SEMANTICA 50
by Various

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My friend Rote wrote about this video:

“It reminded me of the movie Metropolis. Wonderful first frames introducing the beginning of a mysterious journey that starts through a dark tunnel, the effect is almost that of a game and the lights reflected laterally remind me of the old film. After the underpass, white and bright back the black tunnel, where the visual diamond draws the rail in a sort of split. From a rose nearly boreal landscape the video switches to a white sidereal and then transformed into a series of Rosarch tables. In this, light either is almost absent, or is too strong, as if burning the surface, like an overexposed photo. Now the landscape is transformed by brushstroke from the nib of a seismograph recording an earthquake to a more kaleidoscopic pattern. Towards the end, it began his foray into color, which increases until reaching a colorful and “hot” underground station .
The dido-railway takes us on a pleasant hypnotic journey into the unknown, starting from the bowels of the earth to get to a multicolored world through the changing landscapes of our planet.

Mi ha fatto tornare in mente Metropolis. Meravigliosi i primi fotogrammi che introducono l’inizio di un viaggio misterioso che inizia attraverso un tunnel oscuro, l’effetto è quasi quello di un videogame e le luci che si riflettono lateralmente mi ricordano la vecchia pellicola fotografica. Dopo il sottopassaggio bianco e luminoso torna il tunnel nero, la cui grafica romboidale richiama la rotaia in una sorta di sdoppiamento. Da un rosa quasi boreale il paesaggio esterno passa ad un bianco siderale per poi trasformarsi in una successione di tavole di Rosarch. In tutto ciò la luce o è quasi assente, o è troppo forte, come se bruciasse la superficie, come in una foto sovraesposta. Ora il paesaggio si trasforma dal tratto disegnato dal pennino di un sismografo durante la registrazione di una scossa di terremoto ad un effetto più caleidoscopico. Verso la fine, inizia l’incursione del colore, che aumenta fino all’arrivo in una stazione sotterranea colorata e “calda”.
La dido-railway ci accompagna in un ipnotico e piacevole viaggio verso l’ignoto, partendo dalle viscere della terra per arrivare in un mondo multicolore attraverso i mutevoli paesaggi del nostro pianeta.”

Train is speed up to about 400% of the normal speed (kind of time-lapse)
Simple mirror creates a space-time tunnel effect and allows to focus on the one-point perspective of this hypnotic train

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